RV Storage and Top Soil


"The greatest fine

 art of the future will

 be the  making of a


 living from a small

 piece of land."

                 - Abraham Lincoln

There are ten Wiebes in this family.We have always worked to teach our kids to be respectful, good stewards, and God fearing, hard working people. Making the move to New Haven gives us more opportunity to teach our children about those things. We are excited to see what our children will do to make this business their own and hope that each one of them will be able to put their shoulder to the work in their own way.

 I (Sarena) was born in Terrace and Dalen moved here as a child. I am a stay at home mom and run the office while Dalen is now focusing full time on our topsoil/mulch and RV storage business and his work with Provincial Helical Piles. We enjoy things that most people here do: camping, ATVs and kyaking.  We raise chickens and garden as well.