RV Storage and Top Soil


"The greatest fine

 art of the future will

 be the  making of a


 living from a small

 piece of land."

                 - Abraham Lincoln

Our single axle dump truck can carry 8 yards of soil or mulch.


The dump trailer can haul an additional 6 yards of soil or 8 yards of mulch.


Screened Topsoil ( 1/2” minus) 


$28 a yard.


Screened Fine Mulch ( 3/4” minus)


$28 a yard


Screened Coarse Mulch( 3/4”-2” ) This includes longer material that can fit through the 2” screen.


$16 a yard


Delivery Charges.


Dump truck only $90


Dump truck and dump trailer $115


Delivery Surcharges for outlying areas.


Copper River, Rosswood, New Remo  +$45


Jack Pine, Gossen Creek, Old Remo, Kleanza +$65


Lakelse Lake +$85